Our Facilities & Warehouse

Our cGMP compliant facility is dedicated to many dosage forms and produces high-quality products that include: solid and liquid oral dosage forms [(tablets – Plain, Enteric Coated, capsules, dry powders for suspension, Dry powder Sachet, liquid syrups, suspensions, and drops], gels and creams. The vigor and professionalism of our people have allowed us to reach new heights of technical competence.
Production Capacity of our Section:
Tablet: 45 Million Annually
Capsule (General): 25 Million Annually
Capsule (Cephalosporin); 25 Million Annually
Dry Suspension (Cephalosporin); 1.5 Million Annually
Liquid Syrup: 5 Million Annually
Sachet (Dry Powder): 40 Million Annually
Cream, Ointment & Gel: 4 Million Annually

Quality Control Laboratory: 
Davis’s QC laboratory combines a variety of cutting-edge technologies in pharmaceutical testing.
Our Quality control lab activities include sampling, testing of APIs, excipients, packaging materials, and/ or pharmaceutical products, stability testing, testing against specifications, and investigative testing.
Davis’s QC lab is compliant with the current Good Lab Practices (GLP) regulations, which provides the end-user with an assurance of quality and a high degree of confidence in the products’ efficacy.

Davis Pharmaceutical Laboratories understands that It is essential to supply and have control on utilities like air, temperature, pressure, humidity, water etc. in the facility. These are the major utilities that we have included in our facility.
• HVAC System (Heating, vacuum and air conditioning)
• Purified Water System

Gowning Area:
Gowning area is located in the entrance of the facility. After entering in the facility, the operators go to gowning area to change the casual dressings and then wear the gowns. The operators have to wear the mask, cap and also shoes as per guidelines.

We have following dedicated warehouses as per good manufacturing process (cGMP).
• Raw material storage
• Packaging material
• Finished product.
Warehouses are properly designed to store each and every relevant material. Every warehouse has proper design for proper flow of the material.

Our Products