Domestic Sales

Sales: Davis Pharma not only engaged in domestic sales but also present in international markets.

We have 2 highly experienced National sales managers looking after domestic sales of Davis Pharma while one head of the international sales department responsible to look after overseas clients. Key responsibilities include: Assessing clients’ needs and present suitable promoted products. Liaising with and persuading targeted doctors to prescribe our products utilizing effective sales skills. Providing product information and deliver product samples.

Along with National sales managers and international business head we have also institutional manager taking care of the Government of Pakistan supplies.

Distribution: Pharmaceutical distribution goes beyond the simple delivery of the product – a large part has to do with getting the product at the right place at the right time in the right condition. DAVIS Pharmaceutical’s official distributor network consists of over 60 distributors who work around the clock to keep hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies well-stocked. We adhere to “current Good Distribution Practices” & “current Good Storage Practices” in all our distribution operations. Special care is taken with storage and warehousing to ensure that the conditions are appropriate for the products that need to be accommodated. Our distribution network covers all major cities of Pakistan and also has the access to remote areas of Pakistan.

Financial resources:
Financial resources are always transparent and stable.
Having good relationships with major banks such as JS Bank, Meezan Bank, BankIslami Pakistan etc.

Davis Pharmaceuticals

Group A RSM Detail

Sr #NameBase AreaDesignationContact Number
1Mazhar KianiNational Sales ManagerRSM0344-5444452, 0300-9502214
2Mohsin JamilRawalpindiRSM0346-8586804
3Zia AmjadPeshawarRSM0346-8586843, 0340-3337410
4Asif AliMardanRSM0346-8586908
5Irfan KianiGujranwalaRSM0342-5333307
6Shakeel AhmedLFaisalabadahoreRSM0343-5251256
7Shahzad IftikharLahoreRSM0946-8586852
8Khair MuhammadMianwaliRSM0345-5554430
9Bilal FarooqBahawalpurRSM0344-5444457
10Mehboob AhmedMultanRSM0346-8586895
11Niaz BalochSukkurRSM0344-5444458
12Sohail AhmedSindhRSM0346-8586905

Davis Pharmaceuticals

Group B RSM Detail

Sr #NameBase AreaDesignationContact Number
1Hamdullah JanMardanRSM0346-8586813
2Umer SharifJhelumRSM0346-8586822
3Muhammad Seemab MalikRawalpindiRSM0346-8586816
4Muhammad AsgharMultanRSM0343-5251277
5Muhammad ArifFisalabadRSM0340-3337413
6Mian Saeed AhmedLahoreRSM0346-8586803
7Wasim Farooq TabassumMianwaliRSM0346-8586853
8Waqar AhmedBahawalpurRSM0346-8586812
9Muhammad AsifHayderabadRSM0343-5251263
10Nadeem AhmedSukkurRSM0340-3337408

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